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  Interstellar Sounds :: European labels :: Record Makers :: ARPANET - Inertial Frame (RECORD MAKERS)

  ARPANET - Inertial Frame (RECORD MAKERS)
ARPANET - Inertial Frame  (RECORD MAKERS)  Chiselled electro beats à la Drexciya progressively intervene Germanic, Kraftwerk-esque robotic voices and stark, cold synthesizers; calling for a dark and gloomy souvenir of Tangerine Dream meets Kraftwerk and John Carpenter in a futuristic, goth melodrama. Also and not for the less, this album provides us with actual songs - profound and dramatic, like a wannabe human robot in the perfect water-walking style.

Overall, this album is perhaps slightly erring ever toward the experimental than its predecessor Wireless Internet. At times totally abstract. Always immense. These Arpanet projects via Record Makers are rarely reissued - the last time being Wireless Internet some fifteen years ago - so don't think twice if you are on the fence. And if you already own this from the first time around, then grab yourself a backup copy, as you'll already know this is one album you cannot afford to be without. Utterly, utterly essential, times ten.

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Format:   2xLP
Cat No:   REC-33

Price:   £21.95

 Out of stock 


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